About Us

Who are we? Thats simple we're just a couple of guys that got tired of paying so called "custom builders" money for average work that we knew we could do better!


Simply put we have the best most original team out there. Cocky... maybe but that doesn't mean it's not true. We bust our asses to come up with new and unique ideas. I like to tell people " Tell me about you. What do you like? What is important to you? What do you think is badass? NOT what you think a gun should be. Let me worry about how to translate your like and who you are into a firearm." THAT'S what we do. We're NOT pro gun runners. We're NOT ALL ex military.  Some are ( ex military)  but that doesn't define us like it does some other companies. We ARE proud of our country and ALL have a special place in our hearts for ALL branches of our military , but we do not pretend we are all tactical experts. We are simply a hand full of Dark mother fuckers that like to shoot the hell out of things and like our tools to represent that. I say TOOLS because no matter how sick we make EVER weapon that leaves our doors they ARE just that tools! It doesn't matter how badass they are if I wouldn't depend on them to save my kids they WON'T leave! It took us a long time to build up the right team of down and dirty guys that both have the skill and mind set to make the DARK ALLIANCE team and now there's no stopping us!


So... If you want a truly badass one of a kind let us know... if you're happy being average or just another guy with a painted kryptek firearm DON'T come to us! Enjoy your time with the rest of the sheep...